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I'm a semi retired postman ,married with two children and up until my early fifties concentrated on bringing my kids up.but I've always dabbled with painting since I was a child,and now I'm in my mature years I have aspired achieving a good standard of artwork selling numerous watercolours.

I have recently been working on several commissions painting friends pets,which I've really enjoyed and have had no complaints, so must be doing something right. 

I have an art GCSE, and a RSA in the art of black and white photography. Recently I was in my hometowns festival of culture displaying my art, and have been featured on sky arts landscape artist of the year. I love impressionist watercolour with a story to tell which I think is important to convey to the viewer and to transport you to a colourful place



Landscape artist of the year

Compton verney

Featured as a wild card on sky's landscape artist of the year programme


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